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Let me introduce myself in case we have not met before.

I am Robyn Thompson, the nation’s leading expert in buying, renovating and quick turning run down, unwanted houses into huge profits.  I have bought and sold over 300 houses to date and I am still buying today.  I have been education and making millionaires all over the USA for over 12 years now.  I am a true Rags-​​to-​​Riches success story.  My real estate successes lead me to teaching several other profitable businesses.  I love helping other people take control of their finances and teaching them how to build massive wealth with a variety of wealth building vehicles.  I spend a great deal of time (over 160 days a year) conducting wealth building workshops  so thousands of people can learn the steps to financial independence.  For a limited time, you can learn what I know about building massive wealth for Just $2 Bucks!


Why Am I Doing The $2 Buck Deal?  There Are Several Reasons!

I am just plain sick and tired of hearing about the “Recession”!  Aren’t you?  I made a choice not to participate in this recession!  All the negativity in the media has caused many Americans to freak-​​out, panic and live in constant fear.  Simply, I chose not to play into that negativity game.  My business and assets are growing massively.  Would you like to shut off all the negativity and start building massive wealth for you and your family?


Let me give you an example how:  The media broadcasted the crash of the real estate market and convinced the world not to invest!  Prices and interest rates are at a 20 year low.  There is no better time than now to acquire real estate!


Warren Buffet says it best:  “When everyone is buying, sell, and when everyone is selling, you should buy.”  This is the “Perfect Storm”.  I have never seen so many desperate sellers giving properties away and there is no limit to the massive wealth that can be built right now.  The great news is you don’t need money or credit to start building massive wealth.


Why Is This So Critical To You And Your Family?

It is very simple.  The window of opportunity is closing.  If you don’t jump in now, you are going to miss out on the greatest real estate ”Gold Rush” of all time.  The great news is you are going to get to learn from the most qualified educator in the USA and all it will take for you to learn is Just $2 Bucks!


So, Why Did I Choose $2 Bucks?

Well, I was conducting a class to a group of newbie real estate investors and I asked them what I could do to help them build massive wealth fast.  The reply was just to give us all your life changing information for free.


Now truthfully, that concept doesn’t sit well with me.  I have been selling my knowledge for over 12 years for millions of dollars and making lots of wealthy entrepreneurs all across the USA.

Then It Hit Me Like A Ton Of Bricks!

I know the average American family wants to increase their income and become massively wealthy.  I also know that most people have no idea how to build financial independence in this tough economic climate.  So, I thought why not learn from a true Rags-​​to-​​Riches mentor.  I want your family to never worry about money again so I am going to make you an offer you can’t refuse!



You can get all this for just $2 Bucks:










5 CDs – The Wealth Blueprint to a Millionaire Mind Course

4 Bonus CDs to Jump Start Your Wealth Building Plan

30 Minute Consultation to Give You One-​​on-​​One Guidance to Building Wealth

Trial Membership to My New Wealth Savvy Club

Affiliate Rights to Make Money


All together, this package has a $767 value and you get it for just $2 bucks!



You get all this:








FREE Bonus Gift #1 – My Brand New Course – The Wealth Blueprint to a Millionaire Mind –

A Simple Step-​​by-​​Step System to Building Massive Wealth and Financial Abundance

5 CDs and a Complete Wealth Building Training Guide

$499 Value


I lecture about 160 days per year and students always ask me, how can I build massive wealth quickly?  I always answer that it starts with the right money beliefs.


Even a person with no savings can become wealthy.  It’s simple when you have a wealth blueprint.  I created this brand new step-​​by-​​step Wealth Blueprint to a Millionaire Mind for those folks who are barely getting by.  Remember little steps to improvement will lead to big results!


What You Will Learn:

The three critical steps to becoming wealthy no matter what your current financial state

The 14 critical wealth beliefs to wealth accumulation

The easy steps to becoming a great leader

How to build a wealth blueprint for a millionaire mindset

The seven critical steps to conquering failure so you can see opportunity

How to be a massive achiever over night

The 12 lessons to becoming a champion at Wealth Building

A step-​​by-​​step Wealth Blueprint to follow assuming you have had no financial training on building wealth in the past.



FREE Bonus Gift #2 – 4 Great Bonus CDs

CD # 6 – The 4 Cornerstones to Building Massive Wealth

$69 Value

This audio CD will teach you the four critical cornerstones to focus on to strengthen your family’s financial foundation.


CD #7 and CD #8 – The Fast Track Principals to Wealth

$99 Value

This 2 CD set will teach you the absolute fastest way to get out of debt.  Plus, the basics of real estate investing, which is the fastest wealth building vehicle on the planet!  It is no accident that Donald Trump is a Massively Wealthy Real Estate Tycoon.


CD #9 – Building Self Confidence with Dr. Judith Briles

$69 Value

Dr. Judith Briles is an award winning and bestselling author, columnist, researcher and international speaker who has been a guest on 1000+ television, radio and internet programs.  She has authored over 20 books including “Money Smarts for Turbulent Times” and “The Confidence Factor”.  Judith and I will teach you how to build self confidence so you will be able to act on money making opportunities.


Total Value: $767



FREE Bonus Gift #3 – 30 Minute Consultation

$95 Value


A certificate will accompany the Wealth Blueprint to a Millionaire Mind that will entitle you to a 30 minute one-​​on-​​one session to discuss your personal situation.  You are free to discuss financial road blocks, personal challenges, how to start building your Wealth Blueprint, strategic steps to building massive wealth, realistic goals, what training and mentoring is available and anything else you have questions about.  This is a more than a $95 value and I am adding this gift in free of charge.



FREE Bonus Gift #4 – Free Trial Membership to Robyn’s Wealth Savvy Club


Why you should become a Wealth Savvy Club Member?

Robyn Thompson’s Wealth Savvy Club is an exclusive membership that offers:

  1.  12 Audio CD’s/DVD’s per year to instruct you on how to create an Abundantly Wealthy Life.  These exhilarating audio programs will strengthen your mind, family, business and health.
  2.  Quarterly Intensive Mentoring Webinars focused on accelerating your business success.  These intense sessions will provide cutting edge business strategies by webinars from Robyn quarterly.  The webinars will be 2 ½ hours of content with no selling.
  3.  20% Discounts on all What Wealthy Woman Do Seminars, Training Materials, Merchandise and Clothing.
  4.  VIP Seating at the front of all Wealth Building Seminars
  5.  Members receive the Robyn’s Daily Wealth Savvism to accelerate your growth in business, family, and personal development.
  6.  Two free VIP admissions every year to Robyn’s Annual Wealth Building Convention.  This is a $349 value each.
  7.  The Savvy Deal Hotline: Deal Mentoring at Your Finger Tips..  This is priceless if you are actually doing the business.
  8.  The Wealth Savvy Members Affiliate Program: This is one of the greatest rewards from your exclusive monthly membership with Wealth Savvy.  Once you join you will receive your own affiliate link.  So, you can start generating income from every new Wealth Savvy member you send my way.  You will receive $30 referral payment for each new member in good standing that you refer.


You will be able be eligible to promote future events, both live and online, educational, training materials, seminars and products through your website, email, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter by providing an affiliate link that will automatically credit you with each new registration you get.  This will pay a hefty commission and it costs you absolutely nothing to be a Wealth Savvy Affiliate.  Yes, that’s right, you get paid for successful referrals and this could easily pay for your monthly membership plus provide additional income to your household.  You could get paid to become a Wealth Savvy Member!



Ok, Robyn.  Why Are You Being So Generous to Offer So Much For Only $2 Bucks?

The answer is very simple.  Many families have been devastated by this economic recession and they need good quality information to bounce back.  Plus, it is a great opportunity for you and your family to try my new Wealth Savvy Club Membership.  This will give me a chance to show you how valuable it will be to you in the future.


I know I will be a loss in the beginning, but this gracious offer will strengthen thousands of families and that will benefit everyone in the membership including you.  Just think of the power of a membership at a Sam’s Club or a Costco.  Just give us a chance and you will receive a boat load of value in a month for $39.95.


This should be clear already with all you are getting for Just $2 Bucks.  You will be so tickled you will tell all your friends and family about the life changing information you’ve got.  If for any reason you don’t agree, then you may opt out anytime and keep everything listed above as my gift to you and your family.


We will send out a new member package in the mail immediately then it will be totally your decision to remain as a member of the Wealth Savvy Club.  There is no obligation and no one will be calling you and harassing you to stay in or buy anything else.


Understand I am giving you a FULL 30 days to try and use my Wealth Savvy Membership.  I don’t want anyone paying the $2 bucks and canceling in the next 24–48 hours.  I want you to use the benefits for at least 14 days before canceling.  You can cancel any time after the 14 days and you will no longer be charged.  Is that more than fair?


After all, remember you are getting my brand new course “The Wealth Blueprint to a Millionaire Mind” and all the bonuses valued at $767 for Just $2 Bucks.  This is a no brainer decision.  Take me up on this crazy offer before it disappears!


Sign Up Form


Successful Students

Eric Moorman

It’s Eric Moorman from your recent Junkers to Millions Boot Camp. I just wanted to say thank you for the great advice. Since leaving your boot camp, we have done 3 new deals. They include; a wholesale deal where we made $19,800 and our first commercial deal that we bought subject to for $117,000 and have a $210,000 appraisal. Amazing what I get done when I am not messing around buying materials at Menards. Thanks again. I owe you much more than dinner, but the next time I see you dinner and drinks on me!
Thank you!

Connie Heimann

Hi Robyn,

Just listened to your Wealth Savvy CD, entitled “The 12 Week Year” by Brian Moran and the content was so awesome that I ordered his book immediately. I can’t wait to get into gear. I know implementation is definitely my downfall and the cutting edge information you and Brian provided will help me overcome this challenge.

Thanks for all you do.

Lynn and Chris Phillips


I met Robyn two years ago at my first REIA meeting. Although I had attended other seminars before, there was something so real, warm and sincere about her, and I knew I was in the right place. I went home that night and told my husband that she was exactly what we were looking for to get our business going, and it did. Several months ago, I joined Robyn’s Wealth Savvy Club which provides me with her daily words of wisdom and monthly CD’s that broaden my outlook on so many topics that bring wholeness to my personal and business life. Being a “Savvy” offers special recognition and savings to many of the events she offers. What I can tell you personally is that Robyn is there for you and truly wants her students to succeed.

Thank you!

Caroline Cassar


Being part of your Savvy Club is a great monthly reminder to listen to a CD focused on personal and business development. I look forward to those monthly CDs which cover topics such as Overcoming Fears, Getting Healthy, Getting Organized/​Time Management, Positive Thinking, Thinking Big and Realizing Your Dreams, and many other excellent topics. The “Daily Savvyism” email is another good reminder to staying focused and changing my life by thinking positively, creating new habits, breaking old patterns, and ultimately becoming successful in this venture. I attended the G.R.O.W.T.H event which was a break-​​through weekend. It helped me realize what was holding me back and how to overcome the fears that are preventing me from moving forward. You’ve offered us great support and resources to assist us, as well as an opportunity to learn hands-​​on with live calls to potential sellers. Listening to the other participants, networking with them and learning from their successes and mistakes was very helpful. I feel I have people I can talk to and call on if I need help or have questions. It has definitely helped me to get started and grow my business!!

Thank you and Regards

Heather Dearborn and Travis Rose


We wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how much your “Junkers to Millions” Boot camp has helped us tremendously in our investment careers. This course is great for those getting started in real estate as well as those who have done some deals and are looking for what direction to go in. We’ve had great success in using your “Horsey Letter” and now have attorneys as well as other sources feeding us properties thanks to your letters. By staying true to your “9 Houses Not To Get Involved With” we have sidestepped several landmines in the properties we have come across. This has enabled our first several deals to be successful and ran smoothly. The great thing that we like about this course is it not only educates you from the ground up by going on a bus tour, running your own numbers, and handling contractors. It also teaches you what it takes to have qualified buyers and how to move properties quickly to end-​​users with minimal days on the market. Additionally, by guiding a beginner you see the progressive course one needs to take to establish a successful real estate investment business, but then how to handle different types of deals and how to protect your interests. Through what we have learned we have grown in many ways, professionally, personally, as well as financially. We are ecstatic about our future in real estate and look forward the path of growth that will encompass our lives now and in the future!

Thank you and Regards